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Technology platforms are necessary tools for business. SharePoint, Office 365 and other Microsoft platforms have been made very comprehensive. However, it’s almost impossible to improve expertise and productivity without training, which allows you to utilise these tools to the maximum potential and capabilities.

Pygmalion Solutions understands the need for bespoke training solutions, as the requirements for every business differ. Whether it’s end-user training or administrator training, Pygmalion Solutions can provide the correct training solution.

why pygmalion

For a timely, tailored and cost-effective training option, Pygmalion Solutions specialises in the provision of Onsite Training courses. It is the most flexible learning solution to train a workforce for a specific project at their own premises. Modules for Onsite Training can be picked from different courses and content is designed to meet specific requirements.

We understand that administrators of platforms like SharePoint need training that is set at the right intellectual level and that equips them with the knowledge and skill improvements that they can apply in their real working environment. For that reason, our platform Administration Training programs are always tailored to specific organisational needs.

Pygmalion Solutions can conduct a skill set audit on your work force, which allows us to assess the specific course of training required. This ensures that skill set can be transferred efficiently to new software releases or implementation of new solutions.

our services

  • Business Requirements
  • Security Functional Requirements
  • Architecture, System Design and Specification
  • Solution Implementation and Operating Costs
  • Master Project Plan & Schedule
  • Proof of Concept, Pilot and Testing
  • Production Implementation
  • Best Practices and Operating Procedures
  • Transitioning Operations & Support

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