licensing advice & management


Pygmalion have experts in the field, this ensures we are ahead of the game when it comes to offering the correct advice. We strongly believe that we can save you time and money on sourcing the right licensing programme for your business.

Our licensing team will provide you with no-nonsense advice and ensure that you are purchasing the right solution for your organisation.

Solution overview

Microsoft software licensing can be seen as a complicated area of IT. Business and public sector organisations understand that they need to be compliant, but are often given bad or incorrect advice through lack of understanding.

Solution benefits

Streamline software compliance and licence management under one agreement for both Microsoft on-premises software and cloud services. We can conduct an audit of your organisation and offer our recommendations.

Move your users to Microsoft cloud services at your own pace. Provide your users with the appropriate cloud capabilities they require, based on their user profile and their productivity needs.

The Enterprise Enrollment enhances manageability and cost-savings when you are equipping your entire organisation with the latest versions of the Windows operating system and premium Office suite to connect users and devices to Microsoft server products.

our services

  • Business Requirements
  • Security Functional Requirements
  • Architecture, System Design and Specification
  • Solution Implementation and Operating Costs
  • Master Project Plan & Schedule
  • Proof of Concept, Pilot and Testing
  • Production Implementation
  • Best Practices and Operating Procedures
  • Transitioning Operations & Support

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