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Microsoft sharepoint


We have assisted hundreds of companies in improving their productivity and improving communications. We are able to do this by designing and implementing collaboration and document management solutions based on the SharePoint platform.

solution overview

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful development platform that provides the capability to deliver a vast range of business IT solutions and functions that can all be integrated under a single umbrella with central management, governance, and security.

It permits the rapid and integrated development of solutions in business intelligence, collaboration, document management, enterprise search extranets, internet web sites, intranet portals, social networks. It provides capabilities around system integration, process integration, and workflow automation.

Many business IT solutions can be developed using out-of-the box functionality with minimal or no code development giving low technical risk and rapid implementations.
It provides a vast ecosystem that includes a global network of vendors offering a large range of add-ons and web parts, customisation services.

solution benefits

  • SharePoint makes it easy to find answers, discover insights, and connect with experts.
  • Developers and web designers can create new experiences on SharePoint using familiar tools and internet standards.
  • SharePoint provides powerful controls that allow IT departments to manage cost, risk, and their time.

our services

  • Business Requirements
  • Security Functional Requirements
  • Architecture, System Design and Specification
  • Solution Implementation and Operating Costs
  • Master Project Plan & Schedule
  • Proof of Concept, Pilot and Testing
  • Production Implementation
  • Best Practices and Operating Procedures
  • Transitioning Operations & Support

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