The British Cadets – A Case Study

Spyrus Windows To Go enables users to access their Windows 8 work environment from any laptop or desktop computer - essentially a portable computer in a USB Drive format. This is incredibly beneficial for a myriad of reasons and is especially valuable for any organisation that has worries about losing sensitive data if an employee’s laptop were to get lost or be stolen.

This Spyrus Windows To Go drive is very easy to use, and will be familiar to anyone who has ever used a USB memory stick. The Windows To Go is plugged into the USB port of any laptop, and then the user is prompted to enter in their personal passwords and User ID. Once this is successfully entered, their own personal Windows 8 profile is ready to use, helping employees maintain continuity across their devices.

Who Can Benefit From This Device?

Windows To Go is an ideal solution for any organisation or individual who is in charge of a large quantity of sensitive or personal information. This could be in an institutional setting (schools, correction facilities, medical surgeries), private companies, security firms, legal counsel and more - the organisations that can benefit from this technology are too varied to count.

Losing a large quantity of client information can be a PR disaster, with stories like this making national news, enraging existing clients and discouraging new ones from reaching out to you. Do not leave your client/user data vulnerable.

The British Cadets - A Case Study

One of the recently profiled organisations that is having great success with this device are the British Cadets. Colonel Paul Edwards MBE of the British Cadets Headquarters extols the virtues of using a Windows To Go device when volunteer officers take groups of children on trips. Important personal information (contact details, allergies, security clearance levels etc.) is usually transported with the group on a small laptop, ensuring that the leader is well aware of all pertinent information. But what happens if that laptop gets lost or stolen along the way? Valuable information about vulnerable minors could find itself in the wrong hands, and that is not acceptable to parents or the Cadet organisation.

The solution? The Windows To Go Spyrus device. This provides encrypted, password-protected data control and ensures that even if the laptop and/or device goes missing there will be no worry about sensitive information getting out into the public. 

Further Information

If you are considering a new security approach for your transportable data, the Windows To Go Spyrus device is fast becoming the most popular technology solution. Its unparalleled ease of use, security features and economical price has garnered it many high profile users, with more and more organisations and individuals implementing it as their preferred solution.

Pygmalion Solutions based in London, can implement a Windows To Go security system for any organisation or business across the UK - simply contact us today and we can get started answering any questions that you may have about the technology or solution and provide you with a no obligation consultation.