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Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful development platform that provides the capability to deliver a vast range of business IT solutions and functions that can all be integrated under a ‘single umbrella’ with central management, governance, and security.

It permits the rapid and integrated development of  solutions in business intelligence, collaboration, document management, enterprise search extranets, internet web sites, intranet portals,  social networks.  It provides capabilities around system integration, process integration, and workflow automation. 

Many business IT solutions can be developed using out-of-the box functionality with minimal or no code development giving low technical risk and rapid implementations.

It provides a vast ecosystem that includes a global network of vendors offering a large range of  add-ons and web parts, customisation services.

Pygmalion’s Services and Solution Offerings

Pygmalion provides a range of services and solutions to assist businesses to implement collaboration solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint. These include: 

Bespoke IT Business Solutions: Pygmalion can assist companies to develop bespoke business IT solutions utilizing a complete (SDLC) Software Development Life-Cycle process involving requirements, design, development, testing, project management. The specific SDLC process applied dependent on the nature and scale of the project, and the client preferences, but typically utilizing Agile processes and models.

Content Indexing & Search: SharePoint provides the functionality to index external sources of content, such as external web site, intranet, file systems, databases. We can assist you in putting in place the best indexing strategy to adapt with the appropriate search engine, to suit the way your users work. 

 Deployment /Migration to Microsoft Cloud Services:  We can assist companies to deploy or migrate the SharePoint solution to Microsoft Cloud Services to operate in an hosted environment.

Migration:  Pygmalion can assist you in the migration of your existing documents to the SharePoint Document Management system, and web content to SharePoint Sites.

Web Parts: - Web parts provide additional functionality and capability to SharePoint. For a given set of requirements Pygmalion can advise on third-party web parts or develop a customised web part.

Workflow Applications: We can design and develop workflow applications that match your business requirements.

Training and Knowledge Transfer: We can design and deliver training programmes to ensure you gain the maximum productivity and benefits from your investment.

Support: We can provide a range support options for your SharePoint solutions designed to suit your particular requirements and budgets. 



"As a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner,we are proud to recommend Pygmalion as a specialist who receives support from Microsoft"

Simon Gautery-Microsoft UK

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